Quotes from Concerts & Reviews

"During 30 years of my pedagogical work I haven't encountered an individuality such as this. Oleh has brilliant natural gifts, unusual musicality, vivid artistry and great charm. Some of his performances have remained in my memory as examples of high artistic achievements."

David Oistrakh. "Sovietskaya Muzyka"

In 2003, great violinist Ruggiero Ricci wrote a letter to Oleh about his recordings.
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Ravel. Tzigane

"... I haven’t heard a better performance, or arguably so good a one as Krysa’s, from Heifetz, Francescatti, Oistrakh, Rabin, or Grumiaux, just to mention a few of its outstanding exponents..."

Maxham. "Fanfare"

"Musician of the first rank."

The New York Times

"Mr. Krysa offers an elegant and focused tone. His technique is impeccable."

The New York Times

"This distinguished Ukrainian musician is a player who brings subtlety and calm elegance to every musical phrase."

The Washington Post

"Krysa demonstrated an exceptionally accurate and elegant technique and superb musical sensibility."

Los Angeles Times

"A highly esteemed performer in the former Soviet Union, Oleh Krysa gave a charismatic and thoroughly compelling performance. ...Here Krysa demonstrated once again why he is held in such high regard, as he gave further voice to his extraordinary technical expertise, tackling monstrous feats with great composure."

The Strad

"One can only admire the precise technical mastery and the depth of the violinist's play."

L'Unita, Italy

"High virtuoso qualities, elegance and delicacy of execution, brilliance of the left hand..."

Die Presse, Austria

"Mr. Krysa mastered the cliffs of Brahm's Violin Concerto with extraordinary virtuosity and confidense."

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

Bloch. Violin Concerto

"The playing of Oleh Krysa stands up to the utmost scrutiny. He displays profound musicianship in his thoughtful, passionate and exciting performance, which combines an appropriate blend of poise and expressive intensity."

The Strad

"Both aesthetically and technically, this is the finest recorded performance to date-better even than Menuhin's old recording."

In Tune

Brahms. Violin Sonatas

"I want to begin this review by standing that Oleh Krysa is a great violinist. Now, I want you all to repeat his name 20 times and commit it to memory. "

Magil. "American Record Guide"


"Offertorium"-Violin Concerto
"Rejoice!"-Sonata for Violin and Cello

Both works have been recorded, although not coupled, by Gidon Kremer, but these are richer, darker, and less overtly virtuosic performances by Oleh Krysa are, in their more luxuriant way, just as compelling."


Schnittke. Chamber Music

"The performances are consistantly excellent."


"Musician of the first rank."
The New York Times